Assisi is situated on the slopes of Monte Subasio, its stones cross into two different souls, producing a contrast between two eras: Roman and the Middle Ages. Here lies the city of Assisi which belonged to the Roman Empire and to Paganism and through the Latin poet Properzio and his eternal verses, you can feel Assisi’s sense of identity as well as its walls built with enormous rocks of squared travertine. Walls exciting as the fights between gladiators, tournaments and naval battles, that took place in the Amphitheatre. This monument is situated in the highest part of Assisi.

The ancient forum and the main square were the heart of the city. The temple of Minerva is completely harmonious with the square and it is considered a masterpiece of Roman Art. However, Assisi is also an example of the Middle Ages: the streets, the alleys, houses made of pink stone that reflect the light of the sun. At the end of the small and winding roads there is the overshadowing Basilica of Saint Francis: two overlapped churches, examples of the magnificent gothic architecture of the third century. The wonderful paintings created by Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and Lorenzetti show the Canticle of Creatures of Saint Francis. The Old Testament and Christ’s life are represented by the brightness of the sun, the whiteness of the moon, the blue sky and the clouds; and also by the humbleness of water and the resilience of the fire.

Assisi seems to be protected by strong and old walls of the city that begin from the Rocca Maggiore. Its grandeur is unique and the perceived feelings, watching this monument, are just moving. Our lives are still influenced by Properzio and Francis and our actions are always influenced by the sacred and profane.

Places of interest to visit in Assisi a few minutes from King Arthur
  • Basilica di San Francesco
  • Basilica di Santa Chiara
  • Eremo delle Carceri
  • Cattedrale di San Rufino
  • Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • Monte Subasio
  • Sacro Convento