The goal of Re Artù is to build an ideal place to live, a place where you can find the comfort of serenity. Re Artù creates a place where you are able to regain your energy, a place where you can treat yourself to time and where you can nestle, and where you can embark on your sensorial path. By admiring the countryside’s beautiful artistic views, views of an immutable beauty and by regaining the pleasure of finding yourself, all of which will grant you the motive of your journey; searching for happiness.

The path starts at Ponte dei Galli, and it follows the Tescio brook. From here you can see the Basilica of St. Francis a constant presence during your walk. You find yourself, and you appreciate the pleasure of the walk. Nature and spirit are linked. The harmony of the shapes offers to the traveller an aesthetics experience; loosing yourself in the middle of the scenery will cause a whirlwind of emotion. The same emotions that Re Artù wants to offer you. Thanks to your desire of well-being and your discovering traditional foods, you can complete your initial spiritual voyage.

The slowness of the rhythm, the authentic food and moments of relax are the elements that bring the voyager to feel emotions of his own being.

È così che si rinnova il motivo più intimo del viaggio: la ricerca della felicità.