The hills, the vineyards and the olive trees that crown the estate, have the same light and the splendour of the colours that years ago illuminated Giotto’s drawings in the Basilica of Saint Francis.

The name is inspired from the atmosphere which characterizes this intense place of nature and from the magical and nearly surrealistic outline; It advocates the needs of modern life stimulating the desire to let ourselves go from lifes daily rhythms: a true shelter truth to the The tourist lodgings and estate are articulated in three very old country houses which are named from the characters from Bretone’s Cycle, and are scattered among 60 hectares of forest, vineyards and olive trees. Each manor has its own swimming pool.

Re Artù is born from the passion of its owners for restoring old country houses and embellishing the Umbrian countryside. They also have a renewed interest for old farms and their farming techniques which can be seen as a love for the quality and the genuineness of the mother earths products, such as  the two thousand olive trees and the 10 hectares of vineyard of the estate.

It is the main house of the estate. It is made up of five apartments all with different features, located on different levels. Outside you can find pretty spaces where you can have dinner during the warm summer nights. Each apartment is equipped with a fire place and a kitchen or a kitchen nook, a dishwasher and also satellite TV, stereo, bathroom with a shower or bath.

Merlino’s house is made up 5 apartments; each one is dedicated to the “alchemic” elements, as the Sun and the Moon. They are all the elements essential to the work of the wizard…

Single house and it is located in an olive tree grove. The house can host 8 people max. It is made up of 3 double-rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, a large living room with 2 davenports, a private swimming pool and a porch with a barbecue where you can have beautiful dinners during the nice, warm summer evenings.

Single house and it is located on the upper part of the property. The house can host 6/7 people. It is made up 2 double-rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with a view and a fire place, living room with davenports, a private swimming pool and a large porch where you can have beautiful dinners during summer evenings.

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